Vulnerability, Voice & Calling

I think the thing that scares you the most is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

For me, that’s speaking up.

I was raised in circumstances where that wasn’t okay; in fact, sometimes it was downright dangerous.

Over the last few years, as I’ve been creating the divine life and business I’ve always dreamed of, the single biggest obstacle has been speaking publicly.

The funny thing is, I’m a very chatty person who is good with words – and who has a strong drive to share information that helps others.

In the early months of developing an online presence, I spent a lot of time running away from making myself visible. Quite the oxymoron there, isn’t it?

I tried to do things without showing my face, and without getting too deeply into my personal story, trying to stay behind the scenes.

The problem was, my calling is to help others uncover their power within the adversities and traumatic experiences of their lives.

And to do that effectively, I had to get vulnerable myself.

I took my first tentative step in that direction when I published a very personal blog post about the day my beloved Mama died, Can You Turn Pain and Grief Into Healing? That piece ended up being among the winners of the Boost Blog Traffic Spring 2015 contest winners.

I took a bigger step when my story, Finding My Voice, was published in Unleash Your Inner Magnificence. That story began the process of sharing my personal trauma and how it led me to my calling.

I took another step when I published a blog post that openly discussed the generational issues of abuse and anxiety in my family, Do You Have Dorothy Syndrome? That story opened the way to true vulnerability.

I took a big leap when I launched the Your Divine Life podcast; it combined actually using my speaking voice (rather than simply writing) with showcasing my interview skills and sharing more details of my personal story woven into each conversation.

I took the next step when I shared a 3-part series about my physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences with yoga – and how it helped me heal – in Elements for a Healthier Life Magazine. Those stories led to being featured on the cover in the November 2016 issue, a huge moment of vulnerability.

I took an even bigger step when my friend and colleague, Peggy Nolan, interviewed me for her podcast, Pathways to Possibility. It was the first time I talked a bit about my personal tipping point…

and that led to the giant step of sharing the whole story on my own podcast, On Invoking Your Healing Power.

Recently, I took the biggest leap of all: I shared some intensely personal things about my trauma and healing – and stepping into my power – on the Transformation Goddess podcast Divine Feminine Spotlight.

I believe spiritual entrepreneurs come to their calling through the traumas and adversities they’ve faced.

It’s true for me, and I’ve discovered it’s true for all of the spiritual women I’ve worked with in the past couple of years.

You’ve heard it said, “You’re mess is your message” and that’s true, too. The lessons that come from the challenges and adversities you’ve faced, and the traumatic experiences you’ve endured, are all a part of the divine plan you came here with.

All of the things you think disqualify you from becoming powerful and creating your divine life are exactly the things the prove you’re qualified to live the life you desire.

As we close out the year, and come to the end of a 9-year Universal Cycle, there’s something shifting…

and the spiritual women will become the leaders in helping humanity heal and return to balance in 2017.

There’s an urgency right now, and everyone who has a calling is feeling it – even if you don’t yet know your path to fulfilling it.

There’s an inner knowing that is arising within all those called to spiritual work, whether virtual or brick and mortar, vocation or volunteering.

The key to uncovering it is within your vulnerability…

and it’s very, very real.

If you’re feeling that urgency to step into your calling – or to create an expansion of the calling you’ve already brought to life – take some time to check in with your soul (and your Divine guides). Get quiet and look within; look through the vulnerability, past the pain, beyond the trauma and see the message you have for the world.

I love hearing your thoughts: let me know in the comments below how you show your vulnerability to the world, and how your adversities have led you to your purpose.

I’d be honored if you’d listen to my interview on Transformation Goddess, and I’d appreciate your shares!

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Katt Tozier

Katt Tozier is a writer, podcast host, and Divine Life Flow Guide. Through a unique combination of intuitive reading and practical guidance, she helps women clear the patterns that keep them trapped so they can invoke their healing power. Katt is the Founder of Indomitable Women; she believes, as women, our power is in our individuality and our strength is in our unity, and she facilitates gathering spiritual women together to support our collective healing.