Understanding Your Spiritual DNA

You came into this life with a vibration perfectly calibrated to support you in all you’re meant to do and be – the unique purpose you came here for.

The precise date, time and location of your birth – and the name you were given at birth – are no accident: they carry an energetic pattern that gives you all the information you need for your life, work, wealth, health, relationships and more.

Your life comes with an owner’s manual that is highly personalized to exactly who you are, one that supports every aspect of your individuality.

In this free teaching, you’ll learn about the precise energetic vibration that supports your unique soul intention and how, through understanding the patterns revealed in your spiritual DNA, you’re able to access the power, purpose and prosperity meant for you.

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About The Author

Katt Tozier

Katt Tozier is a writer, podcast host, and Divine Life Flow Guide. Through a unique combination of intuitive reading and practical guidance, she helps women clear the patterns that keep them trapped so they can invoke their healing power. Katt is the Founder of Indomitable Women; she believes, as women, our power is in our individuality and our strength is in our unity, and she facilitates gathering spiritual women together to support our collective healing.