Spiritual Power Practices 2018 - Holiday Special

Create a feminine spiritual foundation in 2018

Magic and miracles are within your power; so is manifesting the life you dream of having. There is an infinite source of feminine energy at your disposal - and a whole host of feminine spiritual practices ready for you to embrace.

Women have been disconnected from their true spiritual power for too long, and it's time to reclaim it. Many of the practices we've been taught aren't in alignment with the feminine approach to spirituality; they're steeped in masculine energy and don't serve women well. 

What does the "feminine approach to spirituality" mean?

  • Working daily with your Angels, Guides, and Protectors
  • Being fully connected to your intuition and Divine Guidance
  • Skillfully using a variety of divination tools to help you gain clarity
  • Setting powerful intentions to manifest exactly what you want to create for your life
  • Following the cycles and rhythms that come naturally and instinctively to women
  • Creating spiritual space and rituals that support you body, mind, and spirit
  • Using spiritual tools and techniques with faith and power
  • Uncovering past life influences that are affecting you now
  • Having in-depth knowledge of Universal Laws and other spiritual principles

Here's How the Spiritual Power Practices Program Works

Weekly live classes (48 per year) that you can attend via phone or webcast on a wide range of feminine spiritual practices

Access all class recordings via private member's area so you can catch up or review

Weekly task to help you implement the teaching

Private Spiritual Power Practices Facebook group to connect with classmates and get your questions answered

Special events to supplement your learning

Plus complementary access to the Your Divine Life privately-hosted women's community where you'll get exclusive content, community events, and free readings.

Invoke Your Divine Feminine Power and Create the Life You're Dreaming of With Ease

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Holiday Special $298

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Each year brings in it's own energy, Universally and personally. The Your Divine Year Tarot Reading includes information about the biggest lesson you'll carry forward, your primary experiences for the next year, your greatest challenge and blessing in the year to come, what you'll bring to the world and how you'll be rewarded, and your secret weapon to leap over challenges...and how it all blends with Universal energies. You can choose to claim your reading for the new calendar year or prior to your next birthday.


Hi, I'm Katt Tozier, Founder of Indomitable Women, author, podcast host, Mystic Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor. I love teaching heart-felt women like you how to invoke the spiritual power that's an innate part of your nature - a part that you've been disconnected from for a long time.

The power behind my teaching comes from more than 19 years of holistic living and spiritual practice; 5 years of studying energy healing and divination; 8+ years of virtual mentoring and 10 years of home-schooling; and talking to hundreds of women about what they've struggled with and how they've healed.

Most importantly, the power comes from healing my own body, mind, and spirit through extensive research, experimentation, and adaptation of a wealth of alternative wellness and spiritual practices.

For decades, I suffered with unrelenting anxiety, fear, and uncertainty (as well as chronic pain, PTSD from childhood trauma, and a host of illnesses and syndromes), and despite having a wealth of knowledge about holistic wellness, I didn't truly heal until I fully embraced the principles of Divine Feminine Power.

I've gone from being physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially depleted to creating a life I love - manifesting excellent health, the first safe and supportive relationship of my life, the home I dreamed of, work that brings me joy and so much more.