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Your Divine Year Tarot Reading - Special Price $127

Each year brings in it's own energy, Universally and personally. Energy shifts for everyone at the beginning of each new year, and personally on your birthday each year.

Your Divine Year Tarot Reading includes information about the biggest lesson you'll carry forward, your primary experiences for the next year, your greatest challenge and blessing in the year to come, what you'll bring to the world and how you'll be rewarded, and your secret weapon to leap over challenges, and how it all blends with the Universal energies revealed in your Numerology. Includes 60-minute private consultation.


Your Divine Year 10-card reading/Personal Year Numerology + 60-minute private consultation - Special Price $127 (Save 35%)


NUMEROLOGY SPECIAL - Regular Price $597 (save 50%)

Your Divine Signature Map - Special Price $297

You came into this lifetime with the spiritual DNA to support exactly who you came here to be - and it's revealed in your Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot Archetype.

Your premium Divine Signature Map includes:

  • What your numerology reveals about your LifePath, Spiritual Gifts, Life Expression, Soul Intention, Personality, Power Source, and Balance.
  • What your natal chart reveals about you, your life, your work, your money, and your relationships.
  • What your Tarot Archetype reveals about your core strengths and challenges.