Holistic Living Series 2018 - Holiday Special

Create genuine, sustainable wellness in 2018

In today's fast-forward, always on world filled with 21-day fixes and advertisements for magic cures, it's hard to know what to choose...or where to find the time to implement it. And besides, you're smart: you know a quick fix isn't going to create genuine long-term wellness.

Sustainable, long-term health and wellness happens through building a toolkit of techniques and habits that support you on every level: body, mind, and spirit.

What does "sustainable wellness" really mean?

  • Having a strong, well-nourished body - no more negative body image
  • Having a clear and quiet mind - no more anxiety and uncertainty
  • Sleeping soundly and waking rested - no more restless nights and exhausted days
  • Getting and staying organized - no more clutter and disorganization
  • Maximizing your time - no more overwhelm and endless to-do lists
  • Enjoying self-care time - no more feeling guilty 
  • Creating natural medicines - no more synthetic and chemical substances
  • Clearing your environment - no more toxic products and people
  • Being food savvy - no more reliance on packaged and processed foods

Here's What's Included in the Holistic Living Series

Weekly live classes (48 per year) that you can attend via phone or webcast on a wide range of holistic wellness topics for women

Access all class recordings via private member's area so you can catch up or review

Weekly task to help you implement the teaching

Private Facebook group to connect with classmates and get your questions answered

Special guest-teacher events to supplement your learning

Plus complementary access to the Your Divine Life privately-hosted women's community where you'll get exclusive content, community events, and free readings.

Regular Price $496

Holiday Special $298

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Hi, I'm Katt Tozier, Founder of Indomitable Women, author, podcast host, Mystic Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor. I love teaching heart-felt women like you how to invoke the healing power that is an innate part of your nature - a part that's simply gotten lost underneath the experiences and challenges of life.

The power behind my teaching comes from more than 19 years of holistic living; 18 years of seeing the back side of Western medicine as a medical transcriptionist; 5 years of studying energy healing; 8+ years of virtual mentoring & 10 years of home-schooling; and talking to hundreds of women about what they've struggled with and how they've healed.

Most importantly, the power comes from healing my own body, mind, and spirit through extensive research, experimentation, and adaptation of a wealth of alternative wellness techniques.

For decades, I suffered with chronic pain, chronic anxiety, PTSD from childhood trauma, and a host of illnesses and syndromes (including migraines, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ovarian cysts, gallbladder issues, thyroid dysregulation, adrenal fatigue, palpitations and tachycardia, dry skin, panic attacks, and insomnia).

When I got off the Western Medicine rollercoaster of tests, specialists, and prescriptions and turned to holistic living, I healed - and today I am pain-free, anxiety-free, and illness-free.

Register NowSave 40%

Click to purchase a one-year ticket to the Holistic Living Series

$298 - 40% off regular price of $496