YDL016: On going from body hatred to body love with Dr. Mary Pritchard

For the next few episodes, I’d like to share some of the powerful transformation stories featured in my Indomitable Woman Spotlight series.

Today is Dr. Mary Pritchard, a Ph.D. and BodyLove Expert, whose work helps women reconnect to their inner goddess.

Our conversation unfolded to deeply examine her own journey from body hatred to body love. Listen now as Mary shares her wisdom:



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Katt Tozier

Katt Tozier is a writer, podcast host, and Divine Life Flow Guide. Through a unique combination of intuitive reading and practical guidance, she helps women clear the patterns that keep them trapped so they can invoke their healing power. Katt is the Founder of Indomitable Women; she believes, as women, our power is in our individuality and our strength is in our unity, and she facilitates gathering spiritual women together to support our collective healing.