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Dr. Mary Pritchard

Mary is the creatrix of 30 Days to BodyLove, The Nourished Temple, and Reawakened Goddess. She’s a BodyLove Expert, an esteemed blogger at Psychology Today and Huffington Post, and the co-author of several books. 

She is passionately dedicated to empowering today’s women in healing their relationships with food, their bodies and themselves, reconnecting with their inner Goddess, stepping through their perceived fears, and embracing the truth of who they are.

The Power of Body Love

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Kim Tobin

Kim is a life coach, business strategist and speaker helping Spiritual women clearly acknowledge and use their gifts to create a life they can fully embrace. She is passionate about helping women see the opportunities right in front of them that fear and self doubt easily hide. She calls her business Courageous Clarity Rocks...because real clarity takes courage.

The Power of Clarity

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Natasha Botkin

Natasha is a Master Teacher, an Intuitive Energy Healer and a Behavioral Specialist. She works in Special Education with at-risk youth, those who are incarcerated, institutionalized and who have multiple disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. She’s a blogger and a bestselling author. She creates customized spiritual plans to help you unearth your heart and soul, release old patterns and beliefs, and shine in a whole new manner.

The Power of Forgiveness

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Patricia Young

Patricia is a Purpose and Business Coach. She’s a Certified Holistic Coach, Life and Money Coach, Reiki Master and founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. She believes that business success and growth happens when we work on our own personal and spiritual growth and she works with clients using a holistic approach. Her mission is to inspire her clients to FINALLY live on Purpose and get paid for who they came here to be, while they give their greatness to the world.

The Power of Pursuing Your Purpose

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Reba Linker

Reba is the author of The Little Book of Manifesting Big, Follow the Yarn, and other books, an Authenticity Coach, and the host of Paint Yourself into the Picture. She studied with a spiritual master for over 30 years, and she has created many a la carte courses about manifesting and self-love. She is passionately committed to alleviating suffering, and to helping others move past the pain of limiting beliefs to open to happiness and ease. She believes no matter what has happened in the past, we are each given the means to create something inspiring, exciting, and valuable for ourselves and for those around us.

The Power of Self-Love

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Melissa Rapoport

Melissa is a Food Relationship Expert who combines her graduate work in Developmental Psychology with her education in health and coaching to create programs that result in lifetime change. She holds a third-degree black belt in karate and is certified to teach women’s street self-defense by the American Women’s Street Self Defense Association. She believes that a lifetime of good health is the result of changing self-limiting beliefs, a balanced approach to nutrition, and creating happiness in order to fuel and nourish your life.

The Power of Understanding Your Brain on Sugar

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Susan Wilking Horan

Susan is a survivor of three different cancers, including colon, skin and breast cancer.  She is a Wellness Advocate, an Attorney and the Best-Selling Author of The Single Source Cancer Course, Volumes 1 & 2. Combining her Degrees in Psychology and Law with her twenty years’ experience in the Cancer Process, Susan Coaches & Counsels others as they travel their path to Health & Wellness. She is a firm believer in the adage, “Experience is the Best Teacher” and often quotes the Chinese proverb, “To Know the Road Ahead, Ask Those Coming Back.”

The Power of Silence

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Cindy Kochis

Cindy is an author, sassy redhead, and the publisher of Elements for a Healthier Life Magazine, a digital publication dedicated to sharing first-person stories of transformation, wellness tools and healing advice. It features articles about spirituality, the workplace, the kitchen, body movement, relationships...and much more. She loves guiding people who are ready to transform their lives, mind, body, and spirit, through the exploration of the elements for a healthier life.

The Power of Your Voice

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Felicia D'Haiti

Felicia is a Master Intuitive, a Feng Shui Coach, and an Interior Alignment Teacher. She helps women clear the clutter in their lives to move beyond perfectionism, fear and self-imposed limitations. It was through seeking the answers to her own exhaustion and overwhelm that she discovered the powerful techniques she now teaches. She is certified as a Soul Coaching Master Practitioner and Trainer. She believes that the way you arrange your environment is a key piece in manifesting your dreams.

The Power of Clearing Clutter

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Cindy Harpe Hively

Cindy is renowned healing catalyst and intuitive. She’s the Goddess Creatrix of In Her Fullness, an Awakened Living Mentor, and a columnist for Simple Steps, Real Change and other publications. She empowers spiritual women around the world and teaches them how to create an abundant life they love by stepping into their own unique Fullness Lifestyle using her signature process called Awakened Living Alchemy. She believes that Awakened Living means living in a constant awareness and flow, relaxing into life with growing peacefulness, patience and compassion.

The Power of Nature's Creations

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Jen Flick

Jen is a Reiki Master, a Theta Healing Practitioner, a yoga instructor and a best-selling author. She’s fascinated with spirituality and metaphysics and both are an everyday part of her healing practice. When she was 4 years old, she lost her mother to breast cancer, then when she was 40, she waged her own breast cancer battle, and won. She believes healing is a lifelong process. It involves not just our physical bodies, but our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, too. Jen says “joy is an inside job - it’s a very brave choice to love your life no matter the circumstances surrounding you - and joy doesn’t come to you, it comes through you."

The Power of Awareness

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Diane Pauley

Diane used to be a heartfelt entrepreneur with big dreams who was really good at boxing herself in. Now, she’s becoming a soul - S-O-U-L - CEO in her own right, learning how to have her enoughness and calling collide every day. Diane takes the offline lessons she’s learned in life and uses them to show women how to build purposeful businesses online. She believes we each have really special someones we’re meant to work with.

The Power of Your Worth

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Tonya Melendez

Tonya is known as the Tarot Life Coach. She’s an author, and the hostess of the popular TunedIn with Tonya radio show. She’s a gifted spiritual psychic medium, and offers 1-to-1 tarot coaching and her trademark SoulScription healing program. She’s on a mission to provide spiritual guidance, promote self-love and help you awaken your inner divinity.

The Power of Intuition

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Rica Lewis

Rica is a yogini with a passion for self-improvement. She struggled with anorexia and negative body image until she discovered how yoga helps you befriend your body, open your heart and change your views. She’s the founder of Yoga Mat Monkey, and online community exploring the journey on the mat in a lighthearted and imperfect way. Rica believes life is too short, people are too serious, and monkeys make the best yogis.

The Power of Yoga

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Shelley Lundquist

Shelley is an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, and Self-Mastery & Success Coach who uses her intuitive gifts and transformational breakthrough processes to empower audiences all over the world in leveraging the unlimited power of their own potential. By guiding you through a journey of self-discovery and a shift in the way you perceive yourself and the world, She’ll help you create your best life - a peaceful harmonious life of joy and abundance that acknowledges body, mind, and spirit.

Her board certifications include: Master NLP Coach & Practioner,  Master Time Line Therapist,  Master Hypnotherapist & a Hypnosis Trainer. Shelley also wears the tunic of a Saggitarian adventurer and enjoys teaching, travelling, and welcoming the wisdom that flows from every single person she encounters - knowing that every moment has something to teach us when we're willing to pay attention.

The Power of Self-Mastery

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Peggy Nolan

Peggy is an author, hostess of the popular Let Go Move Forward podcast, and the leader of Write Here Now writer’s retreats. She’s a yoga teacher and an accomplished kickboxer. Peggy says she woke up one morning sick and tired of being sick and tired so she decided to change, and that meant letting go of a lot of stuff so she could live a happier and healthier life. Her refreshingly direct writing and interview style inspires women to choose to let go and move forward in their own lives.

The Power of Letting Go

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Debra Oakland

Debra is the Founder of Living in Courage Online - a Spiritual Oasis for Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges. She’s the author of Change Your Movie, Change Your Life. She suffered a season of unimaginable loss - losing 2 children, 2 brothers and her father in a span of 4 years. She believes we all have our own path to fearlessness and she shows through example that courage and joy can truly set you free, no matter the circumstances.

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The Power of Living in Courage

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Rachel Kieffer

Rachel is known as Health Nut Girl, She is a writer, blogger, and holistic health coach. She helps women transform their relationship with food through integrative nutrition strategies. For 30 years, she has been supporting women worldwide in creating vibrant lives and achieving their health goals. Through her writing, workshops and consultations she teaches women to fall in love with a healthy life, prioritizing themselves and their wellness.

The Power of Healing Your Relationship with Food

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Jane Duncan Rogers

Jane is the author of Gifted by Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth, and she’s the creator of Before I Go. She believes that society needs to be more open about grief, death and dying, and through her book, blog, and public speaking, she’s opening up the conversation. Jane lost her husband to cancer in 2011, and together they discovered a process during his last days that helped her tremendously after his death, a process that she now teaches in her programs and workshops.

The Power of Death to Bring You to Life

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Katt Tozier

Katt is a writer, podcast host and LifeWork Mentor who writes open and honest stories of personal pain and trauma - and hope and healing. Kat engages in virtual conversations with women about facing adversity, healing, thriving and helping others heal. She helps women take back their power and live invincible lives, working with women to bring their calling to life with joy and ease. Her life and her work serve the higher purpose of being a voice in the world to eliminate violence against women and to mitigate the effects of trauma in their lives.

Divine Feminine Power

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