Can You Do Life/Work Differently?

The summer solstice is upon us, and in just over 4 months the Wheel of the Year will turn again and November 1st will usher in the season of rest and reflection.

And in a couple of weeks, we’ll be at the midpoint of the calendar year – and here in the US we’ll celebrate Independence Day, a day we think about celebrating summer as much as we think about freedom and liberty.

A day we think about what we have and what we want in life.

It’s sort of like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day combined in a midyear restart. It’s one of those rare days when most of us take some time out to enjoy life and reflect on it a bit. With the bright energy of summer underlying it, it’s easier to set goals and get moving than in the deep dark of winter on January first.

And it’s easier to be thankful when we aren’t about to take the long plunge into winter and the hectic holiday season, as we are at Thanksgiving.

Since I battle chronic pain, summer is also my best season with its warmth and long days, and it’s a time when the seasonal effects of short winter days don’t compound depression for many.

I also have a birthday in early July, and I tend to do a lot more reflecting about the year just passed than at the start of a new year.

I turned 50 in 2014 and it was a landmark birthday for many reasons beyond the usual ones: the year 2013 was the year from hell for me – a year when I lost almost everything – so 2014 was a year of recovery for me and I made some major decisions around my 50th birthday.

One of them was to make a total career change and put my long-held dreams into motion, which I did in September that year.

The next few months were full of learning, planning, false starts, regrouping, meeting very cool people and adjusting to a completely different work paradigm.

It was a hell of a lot of hard work, and a lot of mental energy learning something new.

At the same it was incredibly empowering.

And in my enthusiasm I broke my own rules extensively: I stopped taking excellent care of myself in favor of squeezing in just one more hour of work, just one more class, just one more planning session, just one more conversation.

And I wore myself out right about the time things were coming together nicely.

It was mid-May, the late spring/early summer season when I typically become self-reflective anyway, and I naturally spent some time reevaluating where I was and where I wanted to go.

First on deck was a plan to get back to good care of myself first, not an easy thing for any woman to do with all we juggle, and even less so when there’s so much to do during a business launch.

But it’s a necessity.

And, for me, it’s the primary way I want to be genuine in my business: I advocate for women to make exquisite self-care their first priority and only then apply the same excellence to their pursuit of purpose, so it’s crucial I practice the same habit.

So the question became how I could accomplish my mission and still care well for myself.

The urgency I had felt in January of 2015 to do a hundred different background tasks had faded, but the desire to connect with women who are suffering – living with anxiety, grief, depression, pain – was stronger than ever.

I began to focus on communicating more, and on building relationships. I began surveying women about what they need in order to heal. I started writing and publishing. I took time to simply talk with women about the things they were facing…

and because of self-doubt and anxiety and fear and money concerns, I also kept signing up for webinars and buying courses and subscribing to tips and teachings and endlessly researching and learning.

I kept setting up complicated sequences and strategies – and second-guessing those.

In the meantime, the evidence was right in front of my face: the little eBook I published last August got a lot of interest; the questions about wellness and healing I ask in my blog posts get inspiring responses; the virtual conversations I have with women create breakthrough moments; the Kindle book I co-authored with an amazing group of women hit several bestseller lists on Amazon; a blog post I wrote about the day my Mama died was selected among the winners in a content held by Jon Morrow; and a Facebook post I wrote about giving away your power got hundreds of shares.

And still I thought I wasn’t doing something right because supposedly the way to virtual success is through funnels and formulas, so I kept backing away from the idea that – for me – it’s as simple as writing and speaking.

The thing that has comes naturally to me.

I think all this is especially true when you’re bringing a healing message to the world because it takes something entirely different than Sales & Marketing 101 to do that.

And because healers are creative and intuitive and empathic and compassionate, and they’re gentle souls, so hard and fast tactics are incredibly uncomfortable.

Right now, we’re in the season of growth and harvest – and my most self-reflective time of year as another birthday approaches – and that makes me tempted to waaayyyy overdo – but…

I’ve made some decisions lately about how I’m going to do Life/Work and I’m going renegade:

  • I deleted Facebook and business email apps from my phone. It’s just plain old silly to be “always on” and checking on things no matter what time of the day, or day of the week, it is.
  • I cleaned out my email and unsubscribed from everything I don’t actively interact with – no more avalanche of emails from things I subscribe to that I never get around to looking at.
  • I pared my website and my Facebook pages down to essential content, and I eliminated a bunch of complicated funnels and sequences.
  • I thought about the long list of ideas I’ve made note of over time, and chose the ones that genuinely fit my style, nature and personality – as well as my message.
  • I decided on how many hours a week I’m going to dedicate to my business, and what the most important activities are for me to do in those hours.
  • I made a commitment to myself to stop endlessly attending webinars out of the fear I might miss the perfect magic-bullet strategy.
  • I gathered all my lists, notes and jottings – physical and digital – and I culled them down to the essence of why I’m here doing what I do: writing and speaking to inspire women on their healing journey. And I further refined that to doing what I do best: connecting. It’s my mojo zone.

And all that lead to shredding about half of my to-do list. From here forward, everything gets filtered through 4 questions:

  1. Does this project fit my mojo zone by connecting (people to people, people to information, people to products, people to themselves)?
  2. Can this project be best accomplished through writing and speaking mediums?
  3. Is this project nourishing for everyone involved (which includes the question of does it bring me joy to do it)?
  4. Can I complete it sanely and sustainably?

If I can’t answer an unqualified YES to all of the questions, I’m walking away from the project. Period. No ifs. No ands. No buts.

When the Wheel of the Year reaches its conclusion in a few short months I plan to be in an entirely different place.

  • A place where my health is excellent and I’m not heading into another winter with my pain out of control because I haven’t been taking care of myself.
  • A place where my days are filled with joy because I’m living and working in the ways I’m meant to be.
  • A place where I’m maximizing my mojo zone by connecting women to the inspiration, encouragement and information they need to help them heal.
  • A place where it’s the conversations and relationships that are the most important thing.

Where do you want to be when the Wheel of the Year turns on October 31st?

How can you “go renegade” and do things differently in your Life/Work? What are the ways you can identify and tap into your own mojo zone? How can you do things sanely and sustainably?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Love & Blessings,


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